Posted on 02/06/2017

Week 14 – April 2017

Well this week started off in the hospital and not at church. Keeping things moving by taking walks to keep himself busy. 


This time I needed a little breathing treatment, that pollen outside is very high. Don’t let the cool temps fool you. 

She’s back, it’s PT time again. Lift those legs, move from side to side, stretch, reach…1-2-3.


Ok, PT time over, back to bed. Transport is here, they didn’t forget him. Time for procedure, back to the lab. 




He’s back, protocol states he has to lay flat for four hours. Heart stents in, everything went well. 

Two hours in recovery and the next two hours back in his room on the ward. Then he can eat dinner.


Next day, no problem. He even had a special visitor come and say ‘Hi’.


After a few days of observation, he was ready to get home on Easter Day.


Yup, he was ready.