Posted on 27/06/2017

Week 16 – April 2017

This is the week my aunts came back from their trip. Since my dad had rested the previous week after getting out of the hospital, I asked him if he would like to go with me to pick up his sisters from the pier. First he said no, then he changed his mind and decided to go.

I didn’t get the message until it was too late but they sent me a text that they were delayed. Someone had a medical emergency overnight and they had to be Medevac off the ship. We were already in the van, so we took our time and made a few stops before getting to the pier.


With all the excitement, not having a snack before bedtime got him in trouble. So the wonderful DC EMS got us over to the DC VA Medical Center for low blood sugar.


Well, my father’s leg pain got so bad we ended up at the Emergency Room over at Walter Reed – Bethesda on Saturday, April 29th. The same PA (Physician assistant) from VA Hospital was on duty. He works both hospitals.


His toes were turning black and he had pain in his right leg. They admitted him and first took him up to the Heart floor but then took him to MICU for overnight. They couldn’t get a line in.