Posted on 27/06/2017

Week 17 – April/May 2017

My father stayed overnight in MICU and was moved back to the Cardiac floor mid-day Sunday.

I knew he was doing too well to be in there.

So back to the Cardiac Floor.

  Something neuro was going on. They never confirmed what it was but they do think it was ‘Hospital Delirium’. He had an episode earlier while at Hopkins back in January. He was unresponsive, couldn’t speak, couldn’t open his eyes but then he slowly came out of it.

Later on that day once things quieted down, it was time to go down to Vascular for a scan of his legs.

The next day, they placed stents in his left leg.

Everything went smoothly. He had to lay flat for four hours after the procedure.

He was able to get a late lunch while finishing up his four hours laying flat. After two hours they are able to raise you up to about 30 degrees and we tilted the bed down.

The next day, the right leg was up. This leg was more complicated. The procedure took forever.

They let him rest on Thursday, May 4th. That was the day the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed arrived at home.

    On Friday, we were back in the Cath Lab for the right leg again.

Another four hours laying flat again. Quick peep at his leg.

  It was a long short week and another day looking for a vein. He needed blood and so the Saturday PICC nurse was taking a look.

This is the last weekend before everything happened…