Posted on 28/01/2018

Whole Foods – Annapolis, MD

After dinner, my sister, dad and I stopped by Whole Foods in Annapolis, MD. We were looking around and I remembered to check his leg bag. It was filled to the top.

We had to find a bathroom. They were in the front corner of the store. I was hoping for a family bathroom but they only had separate bathrooms Men’s & Women’s.

But there was a spot in the corner. We were out of the way of the hallway but in plain view of everyone going to the bathroom.

Not an ideal way to ‘take care of business’ but what option do we have? If it was a little more complicated we would had to go over to the mall and find a family bathroom.

If we had a male caregiver, this would not be an issue but since my sis and I were by ourselves this is something that we will face taking out our dad by ourselves.

Something that female caregivers face taking care of their male love ones.

That bathroom issue again.