Posted on 28/01/2018

Your Nuclear Option

While you or your love one are in the hospital, you always have options.

You can transfer from one hospital to another (you’ll probably have to pay for the transfer).

Not saying that this is an easy option but the goal is to make sure you and your love one are getting the best care in a environment that makes you feel comfortable.

I’m calling this your ‘Nuclear Option’ because the hospital that is currently treating you may not be so happy to let you go (your insurance money to be specific).

The first time, my dad was still under an HMO and he was in the process of changing over to the Military Health Insurance. Both him and my mom were in the hospital at the time…Different hospitals.

My dad explained to me how to get my mom transferred over to the Military Hospital (WRAMC). I tried working over the phone with the HMO representative to transfer my mom. It took a while for the representative to understand that this was in the best interest of the family especially for my mom. I need her to assist me. I was working at the time across town. So I would leave work, go see my mom, wait for my sister to finish class, pick her up and continue on to the hospital where our dad was. Having my mom and dad in one hospital, really cut down on the running from hospital to hospital.

It took some time but the HMO representative finally had my mom transferred. She went to the same ward where my dad was. She was on one side in isolation and he was on the other side in a regular room.

Now, when my dad had the West Nile Virus in October 2015, we needed for him to be transferred from the Washington DC VA Medical Center to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

In this situation, everyone was on board but unfortunately Hopkins was under Code Red so we had to wait for things to settle down and a bed to come available before he transferred.

I think both times we had to pay for the transportation.

Having a great patient experience and getting the best care in a environment that makes everyone feel comfortable to me is the bottom line.