Posted on 28/07/2017

‘You’ve Been to Hell & Back…’

Today was my dad’s first visit to see his primary care doctor at the DC VA Medical Center post double amputation. He had been keeping up with him but seeing my dad in person was a different story –he has been my dad’s doctor for years. 

My dad told him of the shock of his legs being amputated and how he had been feeling down and out about his new situation. 

As we were wrapping up, the doctor turned to my dad and told him, ‘Don’t give up’. He gave him a quick pep talk about not feeling sorry for hisself and to keep smiling. 

But he pointed out the obvious, my dad made through. He kept pushing, he didn’t give up.

He made it! 

Just like a solider on the battlefield, he made through. He went to Hell and came back stronger.